Macro Photography Checklist:

  • Take your time and double check focus as your depth of field will be very shallow.
  • Watch that exposure time to avoid camera shake, try and keep above 1/100. Adjust ISO and then Aperture if needed.

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Yellow Birdhouse

Yellow Birdhouse

This past weekend we explored the Palisades neighborhood of the Washington DC area and I came across this little guy just waiting for his picture to be taken.

Examining Vintage Photographs – A Great Pastime

Restored: 190 PZ - Luzern and Pilatus

Restored: 190 PZ – Luzern and Pilatus

Original: 190 PZ - Luzern and Pilatus

Original: 190 PZ – Luzern and Pilatus

I recently purchased some glass negatives off of eBay, for some photos shot in Europe in the very early 1900’s. I tried my hand at restoring this one. I find looking at old photos fascinating and will certainly take some time to restore a few of the other slides. Stay tuned for some more of the images to be posted. (Top: Restored, Bottom: Original)

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Time on Maple

Time on Maple - Photography Time

Recently I was looking at some of my photo projects from college and came across one dealing with time. It was an idea that I was very interested in, but as with most things never fully explored after class. So I re-edited one of the images to see if it still held the same interest it once did. In short, the answer is Yes!

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How to Take Photos of Fireworks

Photography Tips

In honor of Independence Day, I am going to throw out a few tips on how to capture fireworks.

Using your Smartphone:

  • First and most importantly, Turn Off Your Flash!
  • Secondly, you are going to want to get close to the action.

Phone cameras aren’t that great to begin with, but once you start using the zoom whatever quality you might have had disappears quickly. Another reason to get close to the action is to keep the camera’s small sensor focused on capturing the firework, not the whole night sky that would lead to dull colors and noise in your photo.

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Rainy Day

Rainy Day

This was a fun opportunity that just presented itself while I was waiting on my girlfriend to try on a dress. No Photoshop needed.